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Financial Compass

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"All it takes to achieve financial prosperity is Mindset, Knowledge, and Application. Too many people believe it is only for a select few."

Anita Flack-Colón

Why Financial Compass?

Need help to achieve your financial goals in life? Financial Compass will help you meet these goals through Coaching, Enlightenment, and Community development. 

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Personalized one-on-one coaching from an accountability partner that is dedicated to leading you to your financial destination.



Inquisitive learning about your current financial mindset with direct teachings of concepts and tools from a trusted expert that can help you achieve financial success.



Ability to increase your support system with others that are also striving for financial excellence.



Anita Flack-Colón

I’m a highly motivated professional with several years of combined experience in the public and private financial sector. Over the years, I've obtained a range of experience; from helping my banking customers achieve their financial goals to reviewing multi-billion dollar companies’ financial proposals.  While I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, my desire to start this company didn’t stem from my educational background. At an early age, my mom taught me how to save money; however, despite her teachings, I still had a huge disadvantage due to my socioeconomic status. That’s when I started to realize that so many other minority men and women have a true disadvantage when it comes to financial success. Now, I'm on a mission to do my part to bridge this gap.

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